The Pyrenees International Trail Festival is a space where you can find all current activities and topics in the world of Trail Running.

During 1-8 July, you’ll be able to enjoy activities, nature, tourism, social relations, culture, leisure and sport with the Trail as your guide. Not only do we expect it to be an enriching process for runners, but also for other types of participants, including assistants, spectators and guest within the different areas and activities of the Festival.

PyreneesFIT is an event for any person or organisation linked to the world of Trail Running in any of its aspects. The common denominator is someone who loves outdoor activities and wants to address concerns and face challenges, sharing experiences in the natural environment and, in our case, the mountains.

During the eight days, you’ll be able to enjoy at PyreneesFIT:

•   Trail Running stage race.
•   Competition and exhibition of de Trail Running and Outdoor Activities Film.
•   Competition and exhibition of Trail Running and Outdoor Activities Photography.
•   Trail Runningand Outdoor Activities Fair.
•   Trail Running Forum.

We proposePyreneesFIT as a communications event, face to face, which takes place live and where the experience is real: lived in the first person.

This experiential dimension of the event is its main feature for those wishing to participate, visit or merely be a spectator at PyreneesFIT. There will be more than 190 hours of experiences and sensations to enjoy and share.