Our intention since the beginning of this Festival has been to organize an event where everyone can participate and enjoy the Trail Running in a privileged environment, even if one is not a runner. For this reason, for all those who do not run, we have created FITfun.

A space for families, companions and friends of the runners, with multiple activities parallel to the races to enjoy, learn and know, surrounded by a very special atmosphere.To achieve this we have organized a series of activities for all ages and publics.

Children can play in our Playground, learn in workshops designed specifically for them, or run a mini race as their elders. Not so children can learn about sustainability and have fun with our activities, as well as experiment with new technology. The majors will be able to do the races of the races without competing, thanks to the marches senderistas. And so that you have a greater comfort and independence, whether you participate in the career or not, we will put at your disposal a nursery service by qualified professionals.

As you see, our goal is to create a great family around the Trail Running, and to bring the values ​​that sport and nature provide us, sharing with others people enriching and valuable experiences.

To find out how to participate in these activities, please contact us at info@pirineosfit.com