PyreneesFIT Forum aims to create a training and networking meeting point for all Trail Running amateurs and professionals, where they can talk and debate topics that are of most interest in this discipline: image, sponsorship, marketing, organisation, safety, training, nutrition, etc.

During the day and half, there will be several presentations and roundtables from both experts and athletes who will contribute knowledge, experiences and models of good practices. It is a dynamic, participative and serious reference space where brands, amateur and professional athletes can come together in a unique and exclusive Trail Running environment.


The PirineosFIT forum will be held on 2-3 July 2017in Jaca.

Saturday, 1 Jul
11 a.m.-12.30 p.m.: FORUM opening. Speech 1: opening talk.
12.30-1.30 p.m.: Presentation 2

5.30-6.30 p.m.: Presentation 3

6.30-7.30 p.m.: Discussion Panel

Sunday 2 July
11.30 a.m.-12.30 p.m.: Presentation 4
12.30-1.30 p.m.: Presentation 5

Monday, 3 July

 6.30-7.30 p.m.: Presentation 6

Tuesday 4 July

 6.30-7.30 p.m.: Presentation 7

Wednesday, 6 July

 6.30-7.30 p.m.: Presentation 8

 Thursday 7 July

 6.30-7.30 p.m.: Presentation 9

 Friday, 8 July

 6.30-7.30 p.m.: Discussion Panel and FORUM Closing


Complete information as regards the subject matters of the presentations and the different speakers will be furnished as soon as possible.


El plazo de inscripción se abrirá el 15 de abril de 2016

El formato de inscripción a PirineosFIT forum es el siguiente:

Se podrán inscribir todas las personas interesadas dentro de los plazos establecidos que comprenden desde el 15 de abril hasta el 25 de junio de 2016 y contempla los siguientes formatos.

Inscripción gratuita:

Incluye  Presentación y  Bloque A

Será necesaria la inscripción dentro del Bloque A en inscripción gratuita por control de aforo.

Inscripción con cuota:

Incluye  forum completo  Presentación, Bloques A, B y C

  1. Participante PirineosFIT race (en cualquiera de sus formatos, será necesario estar en el listado de inscritos), estudiante y desempleado.

Precio inscripción  14 €

  1. Participante solo fórum.

Precio inscripción  24 €